training the mind
to innovate

Explore the future through the open-technology
and 3D printing edgeLAB solution

What is edgeLAB?

edgeLAB is a pioneering open-tech hardware and software learning solution that blends perfectly a complete online lab-program in microelectronics and automation systems & 3D printing crafts, designed by experts especially for learners engaged with experimental lab development first time.

Why edgeLAB

The innovation and simultaneously the key differentiator of this course is the introduction of a wide age range of new entrant learners in the open source Electronics and Automation Systems, through scenarios inspired from the real-world’s state-of-the-art Tech-Apps presented in the daily life environment, blended with inventive 3D printed crafts.

Unique Pedagogical

Open-tech Laboratory

Inventive 3D
Printed Crafts

Affordable Open

Inspired by Watching -
Learning by Doing

A Complete Solution

edgeLAB brings an “All-in-One” EdTech philosophy through an online open-tech lab program (with complete, two semesters curriculum) blended with the physical portable lab-toolbox that includes all the hardware components and 3D printed parts needed for the scenarios.

Thus, edgeLAB is truly a complete Microelectronic and Automation System solution!


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State-of-the-Art Inspired Scenarios

The Program introduces advanced open-tech lab notions from microelectronics and automation system, through ICT scenarios inspired from the real-world’s state-of-the-art Tech-Apps presented in the daily life environment.




3D Printing Crafts


e-Learning and Lab Experience

“Lab-training in open techs” for any learner at any time and place, without the need for access to special and costly equipment (e.g., 3D printers), even when in-person learning isn’t a choice.

About the Program

The Program is structured by two approaches:

  • A fully structured, two semesters, laboratory course (i.e., covers the whole academic year, without the need for external additional educational material), perfect for integration into the schools’ curricula. The course supports the compulsory education by developing ICT skills, ideally for middle school students.
  • A thematic project-based approach, that promotes the acquisition of scientific knowledge, hands-on experience and engineering qualifications, relevant in today’s world, ideally for engaging learners of any age or education level.

About the Toolbox

The toolbox contains:

  • The necessary open-source hardware components for integrating all scenarios described in the program.
  • The 3D printed parts for constructing the crafts that render each program’s scenario fully functional.

edgeLAB… a Lab at the edge

This solution converts the local space of any learner to a cost-effective, state-of-the-art open-tech laboratory and 3D printing workspace


edgeLAB is intended for a wide age range of new entrant learners, starting from middle-school students, are introduced to the open source Electronics and Automation Systems:

  • Private and Public schools (with emphasis on Middle Schools and High Schools) through the laboratory course approach
  • Individual learners (e.g., students, lifelong learners) through the thematic project-based approach
  • Families keen on high-quality bonding activities
  • Educational Centers
  • Higher Education Institutions (i.e., Universities and Colleges) of education and theoretical studies
  • Museums and Cultural Centers of Technology
  • Learners in remote locations
  • Firstly, the whole program is oriented towards an e-learning platform, promoting the concept “Inspired by Watching”.
  • Secondly, this online program is blended perfectly with a physical toolbox that bundles hardware and 3D printed parts, inviting learners to train their minds to innovate and promoting the concept of “Learning by Doing”.
  • Inventive 3D printed crafts render program’s scenarios fully functional
  • Open-source programming framework for microcontrollers (Wiring and VPL) with easy to use programming element
  • 3D Printing crafts combined with VPL and the interesting scenarios is expected to make the whole microelectronic and automation system’s learning process more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable for the new entrant learners and especially for the middle school students
  • Wiring open-source prototyping platform
    • Programming language and Visual Programming Language (VPL)
    • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    • Single-board microcontroller

Open-tech combined with 3D printed crafts makes edgeLAB a cost effective Microelectronic and Automation-System Laboratory solution, promoting at the same time a unique pedagogical approach for the open-tech lab consolidation.